Open Pescadores (Penghu) Islands’ door to peace and prosperity

Blessed with many resources unfound in the main island of Taiwan, Penghu is can be used to turn into the world’s islands of peace

Bless with many resources unfound in the main island of Taiwan, Penghu can be turned into the world’s islands of peace. (photo courtesy of Penghu Coun

Where can Taiwan turn its industry around? We might as well examine an offshore archipelago of Taiwan for its suitability—the Pescadores (Penghu) islands.

The archipelago consists of 90 islands and islets in the middle of Taiwan Strait and collectively forms Penghu County of Taiwan. Since ancient times, Penghu has been the gate to Taiwan and an important base fought for and occupied by colonial powers in the modern history of China, including the Dutch, the French and the Japanese.  

(photos from Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons) 

In February 2012, I visited Penghu and its County Magistrate Wang Chien-fa for the first time. He greeted me by saying, “Mr. Wu, isn’t it cold? Being windy is Penghu’s drawback.”

I said, “Magistrate, all people in the world except people of Penghu can say that, and they should see it the other way around.”

Too many Penghu folks told their guests that Penghu is deficient in natural resources, but is that true or is it a myth?

Actually Penghu possesses many resources unfound in the main island of Taiwan, and these advantages can be summed up in the four areas of geography, function, history and geology.

Geographical advantage. The pan-Pacific region, especially the Taiwan Strait, is generally considered as the area where wind energy is the most abundant. The Penghu Archipelago, which consists of 90 small, flat, low-lying windswept islands, is located at a key position of the Taiwan Strait.

(photo from Wikipedia)

Functional advantage. Penghu is located at the center of the Taiwan Strait and has served as an important sea transportation link. Besides its role in sea transportation, the archipelago can also serve as a great strategic military location. More importantly, Penghu has been recommended as an important site of the world’s marine life and environment conservation.

Penghu, where the Kuroshio Current flows past, is rich in marine life, including sea animals and plants. Successful conservation of the marine life will make all Taiwanese people proud.

Historical advantage. From the perspectives of human heritage and UNESCO’s World Heritage, Penghu is a place full of historic heritages, such as pottery with rope-like patterns dating back 5,000 years ago, not to mention cultural heritages from Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

(photo courtesy of Penghu County Government)

Geological advantage. Penghu is blessed with the rare basalt formations, and the bays of Penghu have been recognized as the most beautiful bays in the world by a namesake organization The Most Beautiful Bays in the World (MBBW) based in France.

(photo courtesy of Penghu County Government)

Have you ever thought of pitching Penghu to the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway? “Shall they beat their swords into plowshares, and spears into pruninghooks?” Imagine how Penghu can be turned into the world’s islands of peace? And how people of the county can work together in a bid to make Penghu in the loop of the Nobel Peace Prize? 

Ordinary managers set up doors in front of their departments, sensible general managers have them set up at the ground floors of their office buildings, and some open their doors at gates to their countries; but formidable management is to open doors at any prominent places in the world.

Use your brain to think if Taiwan can do the same? And use expectation and action to create future. How to turn the industry around? How to turn Taiwan around? The key is: “where the door is set up.” 

Should Penghu be the door to Taiwan?