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Taiwan dismisses rumors it's housing Kim Jong-nam's son

Rumors circulated that Kim Han-Sol was in Taiwan before departing for Europe with the help of other nations

(YouTube video)

(YouTube video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan's immigration office on Thursday dismissed rumors that the son of Kim Jong-nam, the assassinated half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, is in the country, while an Executive Yuan spokesperson declined to comment on the reports.

The whereabouts of the son of Kim Jong-nam, believed to be the next North Korean target, has remained unknown and the subject of media speculation, and South Korean media reported that his son has been to Taiwan.

The son of Kim was said to have arrived in Taiwan on February 15 after leaving their home in Macau, but soon left the island for Europe out of security concerns, South Korean media SBS reported. His final destination is likely the Netherlands.

The YouTube video…

A young man claiming himself to be Kim Han-Sol, the son of Kim Jong-nam, who was assassinated in Kuala Lumpur in February, appeared in a YouTube video on Wednesday for the first time to express gratitude for the humanitarian assistance offered to the family by some governments.

In the 40-second video, Kim presented his passport to prove his identity and said in front of the camera, "My father has been killed a few days ago. I'm currently with my mother and my sister. We are very grateful to...." Kim continued before the sound cut off and his mouth is covered by a black bar to prevent lip-reading.

The video was uploaded by Cheollima Civil Defense, an organization whose mission is to offer safe shelter to North Korean defectors.

The organization claimed the three survivors of the family of Kim Jong-nam were relocated to a safe location with the help of the U.S., Chinese and Dutch governments as well as one unnamed country, which was later believed to be Taiwan by South Korean and Japanese media.

A different source said that Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand, which all house regional offices of the U.S. CIA, are the likely transit points for Kim and his family, the Korean news agency Chosun Ilbo reported.

Taiwan government officials decline to comment

Executive Yuan spokesperson Hus Kuo-young (徐國勇) said that he has no knowledge of the matter and has no comment. National Immigration Agency Director-General Ho Jung-tsun (何榮村) said at the Legislature that Kim Han-Sol is not in Taiwan and that he has no knowledge of whether Kim ever made a transit stop in Taiwan accompanied by U.S. officials.

Taiwan’s National Security Bureau Director-General Peng Sheng-chu (彭勝竹) also declined to comment on the matter.

Yomiuri Online reported Kim Han-Sol could be the next North Korean target after his father as he is a grandson of the former North Korean ruler Kim Jong-il and a potential threat to Kim Jong-un’s leadership in the country. In a 2012 interview with Finnish television, Kim Han-Sol said he has been dreaming that one day he would return to the country and make things easier for the people there.

Updated : 2021-06-20 22:06 GMT+08:00