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Photo of the Day: 'Do not animals'

NTU Chinglish sign admonishing people to 'Do not animals' has popped up on English social media

NTU sign saying "Do not animals" posted by Facebook user 朱學恒

NTU sign saying "Do not animals" posted by Facebook user 朱學恒

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) --- Taiwanese internet celebrity Chu Hsueh-heng (朱學恒) on Monday shared a comically translated sign posted on the campus of National Taiwan University (NTU) which reads "Do not animals," and commented "NTU is known all over the world, and leads the world in English."

The sign, which representatives of NTU pointed out had already been corrected three years ago, in Chinese actually says 請勿放生, which means "Do not release animals." The sign refers to the Chinese Buddhist practice of releasing (放生) captive animals as an act of compassion. However, this can lead to a problem when too many animals are released in a confined area and often captive animals may have difficulty surviving in an environment they are not necessarily suited for.

Standing next to NTU's Drunken Moon Lake (醉月湖), the cryptic sign was first posted on the internet in Dec. 2013 when it exploded on social media and led to a lot of jokes in the English-speaking world.

This time around it has become an internet meme with the words "Okay, I won't animals" added to it, spurring a new wave of comments:

"Why not animals?"

"But I want to animals."

"Challenge accepted!"

"I did and believe me, don't"

"How did you animals?"

"It just needs a comma. Do not, Animals. Calling the reader an animal while reminding them not to act like one."

Photo of the Day: 'Do not animals'
Image posted by 朱學恒 on Facebook

Updated : 2021-04-23 13:57 GMT+08:00