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Socialite receives additional 19-year-prison sentence for serial drug-rape

High Court judge ruling brings serial drug rapist Justin Lee total prison sentence to 39-years

Justin Lee (李宗瑞), a socialite convicted of raping 20 women receives lengthened 19-year prison sentence from High Court.

Justin Lee (李宗瑞), a socialite convicted of raping 20 women receives lengthened 19-year prison sentence from High Court. (CNA photo)

Taipei (Taiwan News)—In a first-instance ruling, a High Court judge added 19 years to socialite Justin Lee's (李宗瑞) current 20-year prison sentence for drugging and sexually assaulting 21 women, bringing the total number of years he will spend in confinement to 39-years.

The additional 19-year prison sentence was handed down by judges for the drug-rape of nine victims that were excluded from the earlier 20-year prison sentence ruling in 2016, which only covered 11 victims of the case, one of the biggest sex scandals to ever hit Taiwan.

The son of former Yuanta Securities Chairman Lee Yueh-tsang (李岳蒼) was accused of raping 30 women by slipping sleeping pills into champagne and mineral water he offered to victims at clubs in Xinyi District in Taipei in 2009.

Justin Lee would secretly film the trysts in his bedroom, but was not detained by police till August 2011, after two victims who were sisters pressed charges against him.

Lee raped female friends and even women he had just formed acquaintances with.

Police found video recordings of the crimes on Lee's computer, some of the videos were leaked online during police investigations causing further psychological damage to the victims.

Prosecutors charged Lee for sexual assault and for secretly filming in two separate lawsuits, the first consisted of 21 victims and 19 crimes, while the second involved 20 people and 18 crimes. The prosecutors demanded the court give Lee a 30-year prison sentence for his offenses.

In the court's first ruling, Lee was sentenced to 22 years in prison for sexual assault, opportunistic rape and privacy offenses.

The High Court sentenced Lee to 79 years imprisonment for sexual assault and privacy offenses, and should serve the upper sentence limit of 30 years.

Lee appealed and the case was sent to the Supreme Court, which ruled Lee should be imprisoned for 30 years for sexually assaulting and filming five of the victims. The Supreme Court revoked charges pressed by nine other victims, and sent their case back to High Court for first-instance judicial review.

Judges ruled Lee should pay eight victims a total of NT$10 million (US$323,750.40) in compensation, and the court is still reviewing another lawsuit filed by 10 victims demanding NT$19 million in compensation. The court ruled Lee was innocent of raping one woman in another lawsuit.

The first-instance ruling by the High Court can still be appealed.

Updated : 2021-06-21 12:16 GMT+08:00