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Panama's Manuel Noriega to undergo brain surgery

Panama's Manuel Noriega to undergo brain surgery

PANAMA CITY (AP) — Former Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega has been hospitalized for surgery to remove a benign tumor from his brain.

Thays Noriega, one of his daughters, says surgery is scheduled for Tuesday.

Authorities allowed the 83-year-old Noriega to switch to house arrest about a month earlier so that he could prepare for the procedure, which was originally scheduled for Feb. 15.

The tumor was detected several years ago, but has grown and could affect his brain function.

Noriega ruled Panama from 1983 until a U.S. invasion ousted him in 1989. He's been behind bars in the U.S., France and Panama since then.

Updated : 2021-06-13 22:56 GMT+08:00