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Pay me: Guessing the Rams' schedule for a million bucks

Pay me: Guessing the Rams' schedule for a million bucks

So the Los Angeles Rams are offering a $1 million prize to a fan who can predict their exact schedule for the upcoming season.

For a million bucks, we might even go watch the Rams in person — well, maybe not. Some things just aren't worth the price of admission.

Anyway, here's our try, with reasoning for each of the 16 games.

Week 1 — With the Rams sharing the LA Coliseum with Southern California, which gets priority on dates — yes, the NFL takes a back seat in this venue — a road game makes sense to get things started. AT MINNESOTA.

Week 2 — The Trojans are home again, but let's give the Rams a break and not force a long trip for their second loss, uh, game. AT ARIZONA.

Week 3 — No college competition this time, and the NFL wants as big a crowd as possible for the home opener. Unfortunately, there are no high-profile opponents heading to Hollywood, so bring on the closest thing on the schedule. WASHINGTON.

Week 4 — Another Sunday home game, although this will be on Oct. 1, the last day of the baseball season. Rams boss Stan Kroenke should hope the Dodgers aren't in a pennant race or the Coliseum might be empty. SAN FRANCISCO.

Week 5 — Time to get that annoying Thursday nighter out of the way, which means ... AT SEATTLE.

Week 6 — The only back-to-back weekend at the Coliseum for the Trojans and Rams. Wonder who will outdraw whom (go with USC). NEW ORLEANS.

Week 7 — From hosting the Big Easy team to heading to the Big Apple — and then a lot farther East — the Rams land in the Meadowlands. AT NEW YORK GIANTS.

Week 8 — Tally ho and all that stuff. A home game at Twickenram, make that Twickenham (England's national rugby stadium). ARIZONA.

Week 9 — Every team likes the idea of a mid-schedule bye. After so many thousands of miles traveling, the Rams earn a week off, even if they might not have earned one on the field. BYE.

Week 10 — Home sweet home. Well, we'll see what the Colts say about that. INDIANAPOLIS.

Week 11 — No way the Rams will get to be at the Coliseum on UCLA-USC weekend. AT DALLAS.

Week 12 — Home for Thanksgiving weekend. Who's the turkey, Rams or ... HOUSTON?

Week 13 — Yet another combo trip, this time to Florida, then to Tennessee. Wonder if anyone back in SoCal will notice their absence? AT JACKSONVILLE.

Week 14 — Can Jared Goff match up with Marcus Mariota? AT TENNESSEE.

Week 15 — Fly, Eagle, fly, into the Coliseum. PHILADELPHIA.

Week 16 — Christmas eve in the Bay Area. There are worse places to be, unless the Rams are headed to another season sweep at the hands of the 49ers. AT SAN FRANCISCO.

Week 17 — There has to be a better way to end the year than by playing the Seahawks. But if it gets us a seven-figure sweepstakes payoff, we're fine with it. SEATTLE.

Oh, yeah, one more question: Is the prize subject to those hefty California taxes?


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