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BC-AS--Asian News Digest, AS

BC-AS--Asian News Digest, AS


KOREAS-TENSION — North Korea fires four banned ballistic missiles that fly about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) on average, with three landing in waters that Japan claims as its exclusive economic zone, South Korean and Japanese officials say. The type of missile fired isn't immediately clear, but the tests will be viewed as a provocation by the Trump administration, which is working on its policy for North Korea. By Hyung-jin Kim. SENT: 620 words, photos.

MALAYSIA-NORTH KOREA — Malaysia is protecting its "sovereignty and dignity" by expelling the North Korean ambassador, the prime minister says, as relations between the countries unraveled further over the poisoning of Kim Jong Nam, the estranged half brother of North Korea's leader. North Korea announced shortly before the deadline for its ambassador to leave Malaysia that it also is ordering out Malaysia's envoy to Pyongyang. By Eileen Ng. SENT: 720 words, photos. With MALAYSIA-NORTH KOREA-THE LATEST.

VIETNAM-MALAYSIA-NORTH KOREA — A lawyer for one of the women accused of poisoning the estranged half brother of North Korea's leader says there are serious holes in the case. SENT: 400 words.

CHINA-POLITICS-DISAPPEARING RIGHTS — This year's meeting of China's ceremonial parliament comes amid the country's broadest and most intense assault on civil society since nongovernmental groups were grudgingly allowed more freedom to operate more than a decade ago. By Louise Watt and Isolda Morillo. SENT: 900 words, photos.

SOUTH CHINA SEA WATCH — A look at recent developments in the South China Sea, where China is pitted against smaller neighbors in multiple disputes over islands, coral reefs and lagoons in waters crucial for global commerce and rich in fish and potential oil and gas reserves. By Hrvoje Hranjski. SENT: 940 words, photos.

UNITED STATES-PAKISTAN — Pakistani leaders often wax lyrical about their "sweeter than honey" relations with all-weather friend China. There's no romance about their marriage of convenience with America. As the Trump administration plots its policy toward a key partner, it will find Pakistan being drawn deeper into Beijing's embrace and its promise of $46 billion in energy, infrastructure and industry investments by 2030. The money could transform the Muslim nation's economy. By Matthew Pennington. SENT: 1,040 words, photos.

PAKISTAN — Islamic militants attack several Pakistani military posts in tribal regions along the Afghan border, killing six soldiers, the army says. By Riaz Khan. SENT: 370 words.

AFGHANISTAN — Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says Taliban insurgents are the main reason for the continuing presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan. SENT: 290 words.

INDIA-AFGHANISTAN — Afghanistan's national security adviser says that associating terrorism with Islam is inappropriate given the suffering Muslims have endured at the hands of terrorists and the sacrifices they have made to defeat such violence. SENT: 200 words.

PHILIPPINES-DUTERTE-ALLEGATIONS — A retired Philippine police officer testifies that President Rodrigo Duterte and his men were linked to nearly 200 killings that the officer and a "death squad" carried out when Duterte was mayor of a southern city. By Jim Gomez. SENT: 660 words, photos.

THAILAND-FORT DEMOLITION — Teak chips from pulverized balconies and broken-up floors shower down on workers as they cart out an old TV, a bamboo sofa and a shattered mirror from a house dating back to the 1920s. Meters away, a man wielding a sledgehammer smashes down the frame of a rusting door as dozens of residents look on behind hastily erected barriers. "It's so sad," said Sudjit Sananwai, an architect and longtime visitor to Fort Mahakan, watching as dust rises from splintered wood beams of homes that once belonged to the guards of Thai kings. "People don't understand the value of these houses." By Dake Kang. SENT: 760 words, photos.

JAPAN-HELICOPTER CRASH — Japanese authorities confirm that all nine people aboard a rescue helicopter that crashed in snow-covered mountains in central Japan are dead. SENT: 130 words, photos.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA EARTHQUAKE — Papua New Guinea is shaken by a magnitude 6.5 earthquake but no destructive tsunami is expected. SENT: 130 words.

WASHINGTON SIKH SHOOTING — Fear, hurt and disbelief weigh on the minds of those who gather at a Sikh temple after the shooting of a Sikh man who said a gunman approached him in his suburban Seattle driveway and told him "go back to your own country." By Phuong Le. SENT: 900 words, photos.

NEPAL-AUSTRALIAN TREKKER — An Australian trekker dies near the Mount Everest base camp, possibly due to high-altitude sickness, police say. SENT: 160 words.

THAILAND-TURTLE'S TROUBLE — Tossing coins in a fountain for luck is a popular superstition, but a similar belief brought misery to a sea turtle in Thailand from whom doctors have removed 915 coins. SENT: 130 words, photos.



FINANCIAL-MARKETS — Global stocks mostly fall following North Korea's launch of missiles into seas near Japan, although Chinese share benchmarks rise on optimism about the economic outlook. By Yuri Kageyama. SENT: 560 words, photos.

AUSTRALIA-INDONESIA — Australia's prime minister says he is looking forward to discussing a free-trade deal with Indonesia while attending a regional forum in Jakarta. By Rod McGuirk. SENT: 370 words.



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