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Demolition continues at historic Bangkok fort community

Demolition continues at historic Bangkok fort community

BANGKOK (AP) — Thai authorities seeking to modernize a historic Bangkok neighborhood have continued their demolition work to make room for a park despite the opposition of residents and preservationists.

The community living inside the walls of 18th century Fort Mahakan has been resisting eviction for decades. Around half of the original structures are now gone.

The city says the residents are squatters and wants to open a park for the public. But residents say the city is destroying historic structures. The teak houses built next to the old city's moat used to be home to palace guards.

Architects and professors say it's one of the last communities in Bangkok still maintaining a centuries-old way of life and believe it has potential as a tourist attraction if properly maintained.

Updated : 2021-05-09 16:56 GMT+08:00