Taiwanese drug suspect shot dead in Indonesia during police raid

One shot dead and another arrested on the scene of the crime

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - A Taiwanese man suspected of drug dealing in Indonesia was shot dead by local authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed Sunday.

The man surnamed Kuo was shot dead by the Indonesian police after trying to resist arrest. Another accomplice surnamed Liu, who was also seen on the scene of the crime, was arrested on suspicion of drug dealing. Police seized dozens of kilograms of methamphetamine.

The foreign ministry confirmed the incident after receiving sources of the information from Taiwan's representative office in Indonesia.

The ministry said it respects the ongoing investigation carried out by Indonesian authorities, and that further information will be disclosed after its completion. 

Several Taiwanese have been involved in dealing drugs in Indonesia. Some 30 Taiwanese nationals convicted of drug-related crimes are currently behind bars in Jakarta and Central Java, according to Indonesian authorities.