Photo of the Day: No Photoshop? A modified scooter appears on Taipei street

The special modification even amazes professional scooter fans

A modified scooter in Taipei. (Image from Dcard)

A modified scooter in Taipei. (Image from Dcard)

Taipei (Taiwan News) -- A netizen posted a photo of a modified scooter on the social networking website Dcard. Spotted in Xinyi District, Taipei, this original two-seat scooter was modified into a 'stretched limo deluxe'. The passenger capacity is almost the same as a van.

In fact, the scooter was modified by a Taiwanese film crew to shoot the Taiwanese musical film "52 Hz, I Love You," directed by Wei Te-sheng (魏德聖). After shooting wrapped, the film crew displayed the modified scooter on the Taipei streets as a promotion for the movie.

Many people have seen the usual scooter in Taipei and left surprising comments about it such as "Is this real?", "This can still be ridden on the street?", "Looks like a hearse!"