Pizza Hut's 228 promotion sparks public outcry

Pizza Hut posted a promotion to "celebrate" the 228 incident


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Pizza Hut Taiwan, an American restaurant franchise, posted a promotion on its Facebook page saying, “Ready to celebrate Feb. 28?” and included words like "killed it!" in its post. The promotion caused public outrage, with netizens slamming the company as either incredibly cold-blooded and disgusting or politically ignorant.

The pizza shop posted the promotion on its Facebook page announcing the promotion for the Feb. 28 holiday last Thursday. In response to criticism, the Pizza Hut has changed the slogan from “Ready to celebrate the Feb. 28?" to "Ready for the holiday?" and apologized for such improper language related to the 228 incident.

Netizens indicated that it is not only about using improper language, it is about the ignorance of history. One Facebook user commented that “it is like celebrating 911 in America.”