Taiwanese actor wants to leave his Indonesian caregiver NT$2 million inheritance

Chen mentioned that he has decided to leave Yule a NT$2 million inheritance if he passes away

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese actor and director Chen Sung-Young, who is known for the movie "Bei cing cheng shih (A City of Sadness 悲情城市)," told media Friday that he has suffered from multiple health problems and nearly died, and he would leave a NT$2 million (US$64,242) inheritance to his "Indonesian daughter".

The actor has only had his Indonesian caregiver by his side in the last three years. Chen said that he is appreciative of the Indonesian caregiver named Yule, and she is just like his daughter.

Chen mentioned that he will try his best to provide her whatever she needs and has decided to leave Yule NT$2 million if he passes away.

According to Apple daily, the 76-year-old actor has suffered from diabetes, heart calcification, depression and several other health problems over the past ten years.

The Indonesian caregiver has a husband and kids back in Indonesia, and her working visa will expire in three years. Chen told the press that he will give her NT$2 million for her to buy real estate and start her own business back in her hometown.

He also mentioned that NT$2 million is not a big deal for him; however, it might be a huge amount of money for a migrant worker. He wants to do as much as he could to thank her for taking good care of him in his later years.