Top four richest Indonesians have more wealth than 100 million of the poorest

Gap between rich and poor has grown faster in Indonesia than in any other country in South-East Asia, as a report on inequality in Indonesia shows its top four richest people now have more wealth than 100 million of the country's poorest people.

With a population of more than 250 million, Indonesia has the sixth-worst inequality in the world, slightly surpassing Thailand, which has the worst inequality among all the Asian countries, according to Oxfam reports.

The richest Indonesian man can earn from interest on his wealth over one thousand times more than what the poorest Indonesians spend on their basic needs for an entire year in just one day. In 2016, the wealthiest 1 percent of the population owned nearly half (49 percent) of total wealth, the report said.

The report also indicated that social instability could increase if the government doesn't tackle the gap between rich and poor.

Indonesian president Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has said that reducing inequality is a top priority for his government.

Oxfam suggested that the goal of reducing inequality can achieve this by enforcing a living wage for all workers, increasing spending on public services, and making big corporations and rich individuals pay their fair share of tax.