Welcomes guest chef Patrick Shimada to present American classic steak in Grand Hyatt Taipei

Guest chef Patrick Shimada, from Grand Hyatt Steakhouse in Hong Kong, brings his culinary excellence to Grand Hyatt Taipei between 27 February – 10 March. Chef Shimada will present cuts such as grilled USDA Prime and Australian Wagyu for a luxurious American classic steakhouse experience.

On 27 February, Chef Patrick will bring a selection of the finest steaks, the moisture of the beef is left to evaporate, flavors intensify and the natural enzymes in the meat break down tough muscle tissue to produce extreme tenderness.

Dry-aged selections, aged for 21 days, include the Cote de Boeuf at 30 ounces(900 grams), portioned for two and priced at NT$6,800+10%; the rib eye, 20 ounces (565 grams), portioned for two and priced at NT$4,800+10%. The rib eye, marked with beautiful marbling, has always been a favorite of connoisseurs.

Patrick’s smoked pork spare ribs with pickled cucumber, priced at NT$1,480+10%, is so tender that the tantalizing meat falls off the bone with just a gentle pull from your fork. Chef Patrick stresses the importance of smoking his ribs naturally, never boiling them as that dilutes the flavor dramatically.