Photo of the Day: Hsuehshan Hiking Trail Entrance

Breathtaking scenery taken beside the pond of the Hsuehshan Hiking Trail service center in central Taiwan

Hsuehshan Hiking Gate (Image from Instagram user @brian0810)

Taipei (Taiwan News) -- The entrance to the Hsuehshan (Snow Mountains, 雪山) Hiking Trail is located on a mountainside platform above the Wuling Farm camping area in Taichung.

All visitors headed for mountaineering activities on Hsuehshan are required to apply for admission into the park and present their documents at the park entrance's service center. Visitors can see unique vistas of clouds, mist and the river valley of the Chijiawan River at the wooden terrace in front of the service center. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram user brian0810, taken on Feb. 8, 2017.

For more information about Hsuehshan, visit the website of Shei-Pa National Park (