American awarded permanent residency by Taiwan for co-developing an interactive language learning system

American David Wible was awarded the Permanent Residency “Plum Blossom” Card by the National Immigration Agency for his creation of an intelligent web

Taipei (Taiwan News)--American David Wible, a former language professor, was awarded the Permanent Residency “Plum Blossom” Card on Tuesday by the National Immigration Agency (NIA) for his contribution in the creation of an intelligent web-based interactive language learning system called IWiLL, which has benefited many Taiwanese students and successfully made Taiwan more internationally visible, according to the NIA.

The system supports learning English as a second language on the Internet and includes advanced features to assist learners in learning basic language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

NIA Taipei City Service Center Director Huang Lin-yu presented the card to Wible on behalf of the NIA.

Wible, who speaks fluent Chinese, has been in Taiwan for more than 20 years and taught in many universities in Taiwan, including National Central University (NCU) and National Taiwan University (NTU). Wible co-developed the IWiLL system, which became a pioneer in the development of interactive online language learning platforms. He also co-founded the IWill Reading Challenge, a reading competition participated by thousands of participants every time, successfully promoting English reading in the country.    

Wible was hired as director of the Language Center by NCU in 2007, and became Dean of the university’s College of Liberal Arts three years later.

Huang thanked Wible for his contribution to education in Taiwan with the development of the online learning platform that has benefited so many Taiwanese students. She said Wible serves as a good example of the purpose of NIA’s creation of the Plum Blossom Card—to attract more foreign talent to Taiwan.