HK blogger lists 6 surprising things about Tainan

After living in Tainan for 10 months, a Hong Kong blogger lists the six things that surprised him most about the city

Tainan Great South Gate (By Wikimedia Commons)

Taipei (Taiwan News) -- After living in Tainan for 10 months, a Hong Kong blogger listed his six biggest impressions of Tainan. 

The Hong Kong blogger, who goes by the name Blackiegor (台南黑期哥), posted an article in listing the six things that surprised him about Tainan: 

1. Everything is sweet
Tainan has always been wealthy, so even in an era when sugar was expensive the people there are used to eating sweets, even the famous spring rolls on Guohua Street are sweet.

2. Fireworks all year round
From every big street to tiny alley, there seem to be temples shooting off fireworks every week. Tables will often be set up and cars will come by with hot girls dancing to add to the excitement, in which case there will be even more fireworks.

3. Roads closed for weddings
Sections of roads will be closed off and big tents will be set up to have weddings with lavish feasts including tons of seafood.

4. Scooters are convenient
Riding scooters is outrageously cheap as it only costs about NT$50 (US$1.6) a week for fuel.

5. Parking is easy
Everybody parks their scooters right in front of the shop door. In comparison to Taibei and Taichung, drivers in Tainan move relatively slowly and have a more friendly attitude. However, sometimes people drive the wrong way and turn right at red lights, this is something one would never witness in Hong Kong. 

6. Tainan people fear the sun
Even when the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius outside, people still wear jackets, masks, and sleeves to protect them from UV rays. Such a sight is rare on the subways and buses of Hong Kong.