Highlights of the Taipei Lantern Festival

This year's Taipei Lantern Festival is action-packed with 3D light shows, lantern sculptures, live music, and much more

Light show at Beimen

Light show at Beimen (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The 2017 Taipei Lantern Festival, which is running from Feb. 4 - 17, is action-packed with 3D laser light shows, lantern sculptures, parades, and live music at several venues on both sides of Zhonghua Road Section 1.

Beimen features a 3D laser light show depicting Taipei's past, present, and future in vivid color every 20 minutes during the evenings. The city government has chosen to hold the festival in the older western section of Taipei this year to renew interest in the historic district and has selected Beimen as a key feature – thus the title of this year's festival “West Side Story, Taipei Glory.”

laser light show on Beimen for Taipei Lantern Festival

Laser light show on Beimen during Taipei Lantern Festival

A few blocks south of Beimen and behind Zhongshan Hall is the Lantern Sculpture Area where there is a plethora of whimsical lantern sculptures depicting chickens, mascots, superheroes, and mythical beasts.

Ohbear lantern

Lantern sculpture of chickens in front of Beimen

Lantern sculpture of mythical beast

Lantern sculpture of chickens playing basketball

The back of Zhongshan Hall itself has a regularly scheduled 3D light show as well.

The main stage of the festival is located in the heart of Ximending, where you can see giant lanterns in the shape of chicks bursting out of their shells.

The "Ximen Lantern Festival Parade" was held along Zhonghua Road Section 1 from Beimen to Ximending on the official day of the Lantern Festival Feb. 11.