Map shows over 150 hot springs in Taiwan

Travel blogger creates an extensive Google map of over 150 hot springs in Taiwan

Map of hot springs created by Follow Xiaofei

Map of hot springs created by Follow Xiaofei

Taipei (Taiwan News) -- Travel blogger Follow Xiaofei has created a Google map of 154 hot springs that he could gather information on and color coded them based on their "hot tub factor."

He based his information primarily on a government geological survey website, as well as his own extensive exploration of the island and the Facebook group "Taiwan Hot Springs Exploration Group" (台灣溫泉探勘網).

He has created a legend for the map which includes a range of colors indicating whether he has personally visited them, if they have enough hot water to soak in a hot bath, what degree of commercialization they have undergone, and their state of repair. He marks the ones he has visited with an orange hot springs icon, for which he posts up-to-date information, photos, and a detailed map of on his website.

Color coded map legend:

Orange -- Hot springs he has visited and recommends

Purple -- Should be enough hot water flow to soak in a hot spring bath

Red -- May not be enough hot water for hot bath or not enough information

Pink -- Partially commercialized

Green -- Fully commercialized establishment, such as a hot spring hotel

Yellow -- New, theoretical, or there is not enough information available

Grey -- Have been buried, but may be restored at some point

Map of hot springs