Gamers turn to jello over 'Pudding'

Fans of 'Tower of Saviors' got treated to 'Pudding' at the 2017 Taipei Game Show

"Pudding" at 2017 Taipei Game Show

"Pudding" at 2017 Taipei Game Show (CNA photo)

Taipei (Taiwan News) -- Fans of the mobile game "Tower of Saviors" (神魔之塔) got a special treat when the cosplayer and singer "Pudding" made an appearance at the 2017 Taipei Game Show video game convention.

Attending the expo for the fourth year in a row, Pudding, who has 57 million Facebook fans, was the center of attention on the second-to-last day of the international gaming show held in Taipei, which was held from Jan. 19 - 24.

Pudding has spent the past three years training in singing, dance, drama and makeup, and joined Alfa Music last year. She has became a "TPI Taiwan Trainee" to join the girl group "Ciao," which is preparing to make their debut soon.

CNA image

Originally obtaining her degree and license in nursing, she changed her career path to pursue her dream of being a star. Born under the sign of Taurus, Pudding fought tenaciously to achieve her goal of becoming a star. "I did it not only to chase my own dreams, but also for my fans," she told CNA.

Three years ago, she was working as a showgirl at small exhibitions, but after she was offered the role of playing a character from Tower of Saviors, her life changed dramatically. Her Facebook fans mushroomed from 100,000 fans to over 57 million now. "Tower of Saviors made me famous, even people on the train recognize me now," Pudding said.

Although she has made fewer public appearances over the past three years during her training, she still has a very loyal following, as evidenced by the many fans who came in support of her when she hit the main stage holding signs with slogans such as "Keep it up," "Go for it!"

Selfie of Pudding posted on Miss布丁 Facebook page.