PTT Netizen designs a more accurate MRT route

A netizen posted a concentric circle MRT route of Taipei Metro on local social media platform PTT, adding the airport MRT route to the map and has soon gone viral on the Internet.

As the mass rapid transit (MRT) line between Taipei and Taoyuan International Airport is expected to begin commercial operations soon, the official route map seems to get more and more complicated and confusing.

Netizen tyntseng designed the concentric circle MRT route and shared it on PTT, saying that the concentric design could help tourists to get a better idea of the accurate location of each station relative to the Taipei Main Station.

Circular map of MRT designed by tyntseng

Official MRT map

The relative distance and location between stations on the concentric circle MRT route is considered more accurate than the official map. In addition, the circle route also offers a simpler and easier to understand concept of the MRT route network.