Time capsule: Photos of daily life in Taiwan 1971-72

A rare glimpse back at Taiwan in the early 1970s

(Image from everydaylifeinmaoistchina.org)

(Image from everydaylifeinmaoistchina.org)

Taipei (Taiwan News) -- Covell Meyskens, a professor at the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California has posted a collection of vintage photographs on his website of ordinary people going about their lives in Taiwan dating from 1971-1972.

These rare photos provide a chance to look back at how much things have changed and how some have stayed the same over the past 45 years in Taiwan.


Typical city scene with colorful advertisements lining the street, not unlike Taiwan today.

Bustling street scene on Zhonghua Road, near the Taipei Old North gate.

Cyclists zip by on Zhonghua Road.

Zhonghua Road with Pepsi Cola sign on right, movie posers on left.

Military personnel line up in preparation for the National Day of the Republic of China.

Students hold up photos of Chiang Kai-shek during National Day festivities.


Female Ming Chuan University students undergo military training.

A women appearing to consult with a fortune teller.

Women burning joss paper and incense during funeral.

A family gathers for a feast while a traveling puppet show plays in the background.

A young woman looks outward from inside a packed public bus.

A man drinks a beverage purchased from a bicycle street vendor.

Iconic VW Westfalia Camper van cruises the city.