KMT workers invade Executive Yuan

Attempt to enter Premier Lin Chuan's office failed

Police lead protesters' vehicles away. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Nine members of a Kuomintang workers’ association were questioned by police after they tried to enter Premier Lin Chuan’s office during an unexpected protest, reports said Wednesday.

The main opposition party has claimed difficulties in paying out salaries to its staff amid conflicts with the government’s Ill-Gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee.

On Wednesday afternoon, a man on a motorcycle suddenly rode into the grounds of the Executive Yuan, reports said. He was followed by two or three others on bicycles who shouted “we want to see Lin Chuan” and “party workers don’t have any rice left to eat” as they advanced further.

The group entered the main building and climbed the stairs on their way to the premier’s office. They spray-painted the Chinese character for “death” on a wall before they were overpowered by guards and moved to another location to await questioning, reports said.

A total of nine people were reportedly involved in the unexpected action.

They claimed they were unable to receive their salaries before the Lunar New Year holidays because the Ill-Gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee had frozen the relevant KMT accounts.

The issue of illegal KMT assets has been around for decades, but after the Democratic Progressive Party won both the presidential and legislative elections last January, the committee was set up and began its work to investigate where the KMT funds came from.