BC-AS--Asian News Digest, AS

BC-AS--Asian News Digest, AS

NEPAL-MIGRANT DEATHS — The number of Nepalis working abroad has grown significantly, yet the number of those who come home dead has risen far more dramatically. Over 5,000 have died since 2008. Often, relatively young men simply die in their sleep. It's a phenomenon researchers have seen before in Asians working abroad. By Martha Mendoza. Sent 2,800 words, photos, video. Abridged version sent at 1,050 words.

DEADLY NEW DRUGS-THINGS TO KNOW — Government scientists say they're seeing the emergence of a new class of deadly drugs built to mimic the potent prescription painkiller fentanyl. What you need to know. By Erika Kinetz. Sent 380 words, photo.

TAIWAN-SAO TOME — Taiwan condemned the African island nation of Sao Tome and Principe's "abrupt" move to break their diplomatic ties, while rival China welcomed the defection of one of the self-governing island's small number of allies. By Nomaan Merchant. Sent 600 words, photo.

INDONESIA-TERROR RAID — Indonesian police said three suspected militants who were planning a holiday season suicide bombing were killed in a gunbattle on the outskirts of Jakarta in the second imminent attack to be foiled in less than two weeks. By Tatan Syuflana and Stephen Wright. Sent 700 words, photos.

MONGOLIA-CHINA-DALAI LAMA — Mongolia will no longer allow the Dalai Lama to visit the country after a recent trip by the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader prompted protests from China and a suspension of talks on a major loan. By Ganbat Namjilsangarav. Sent 390 words, photos.

INDIA-PRIME MINISTER ALLEGATIONS — Leading opposition figure Rahul Gandhi demanded an investigation into allegations that two Indian conglomerates paid millions of rupees as bribes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he was governing a western state. By Ashok Sharma. Sent 360 words, photos.

CHINA-POLLUTION — The dense smog that has smothered much of China for five days may finally soon clear, forecasters and state media said, giving relief to hundreds of millions of people breathing dangerously polluted air and struggling under the government's emergency measures. By Nomaan Merchant. Sent 500 words, photos.

MONGOLIA-BAD WINTER — Another unusually harsh winter in Mongolia that's decimating livestock and sending temperatures to minus 56 degrees Celsius (minus 70 Fahrenheit) may create a humanitarian crisis, with worse conditions still to come, aid groups warn. By Gerry Shih. Sent 340 words, photo.

JAPAN-NUCLEAR — Japan approved the scrapping of an experimental fast-breeder nuclear reactor that drained government finances for decades without meeting hopes it would be a savior for the country's energy needs. Sent 270 words, photo.

JAPAN-DISPUTED ISLAND — Japan will bolster its coast guard capabilities to defend East China Sea islands that China also claims and regularly patrols. Sent 130 words.

AUSTRALIA-DRUG SMUGGLING — Ten Chinese nationals were charged with drug smuggling in Australia after officials said they found cocaine worth more than 60 million Australian dollars ($44 million) on their ship. Sent 120 words.

PHILIPPINES-JAMES TAYLOR — James Taylor has canceled his February concert in Manila, saying he was concerned about the reports of summary executions of suspected drug offenders in the Philippines. Sent 260 words, photos.

TOKYO 2020-COST — Organizers of the Tokyo Olympics estimate the total cost of hosting the 2020 Games will be between 1.6 trillion and 1.8 trillion yen ($13-$15 billion). The estimate was below the promised cap, while organizers said they will try to cut further. By Mari Yamaguchi. Sent 570 words, photos.



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