Photo of the Day: Flowers blooming in Huatung Valley

The Puyuma and Taroko Express rolls through sea of flowers

Cosmos flowers blooming in Yuli, Hualien (photo credit: Flickr @bradshawte)

Taipei (Taiwan News) -- As the Lunar New Year nears, farmers have created a sea of flowers beside the Kecheng Railway Bridge(客城鐵橋) in Yuli, Haulien, inviting people to come and enjoy this beautiful scenery.

Every year after the autumn rice is harvested, the Yuxi Famer's Association(玉溪農會) coordinates with the government's Eastern Flower Corridor Plan to plant more than 10 hectares of cosmos and rapeseed flowers in the paddy near the steel railroad bridge.

Right now is considered the best time to view the flowers, which are expected to continue to bloom until after the end of the Lunar New Year. Coupled with the sight of the Puyuma and Taroko Express rolling through, the Huatung Valley has turned into a wonderland.