Mountaineer finds Taiwan’s ‘Pole of Inaccessibility’

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A foreign mountaineer Tyler Cottenie recently found out the "pole of inaccessibility" of Taiwan and put up a sign while paying a visit to the very point. The location soon caused a stir among the local hiking amateurs and local media.

Cottenie described himself as a map/geography nerd. He started the research after failing to find any information about the location of this point in the island, which appears it has never been calculated before. 

It turned out that Taiwan's pole of inaccessibility, which refers to the most inland point of an island, is located in Alisan in Chiayi County. Tyler Cottenie said on his blog that he was surprised how easily accessible the pole of inaccessibility is as it happens to be just 150 meters off a public road.

However, the Chiayi Forest District Office warned that the public should not enter the marked point since it is in a restricted area that has no accessible trail to reach the location.