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Photo of the Day: Sea of Flowers Festival in Changhua County

A flower festival in Puyan Township has started early this year with its fascinating 'Sea of Flowers'

20-hectare field of flower paradise in Changhua County

20-hectare field of flower paradise in Changhua County (CNA photo)

Taipei (Taiwan News) -- The Sea of Flowers Festival in Changhua County's Puyan Township kicked off on Sunday, Jan. 8. During the fallow period, the farmers in Nanhsing community (南新社區), Puyan Township sow flower seeds in their fields. The flowers are now already in full bloom. Cosmos flowers, sunflowers and rapeseed flowers dot the 20-hectare field, attracting tourists to visit this gorgeous "Sea of Flowers."

The chief of Nanhsing Village Shi Zhenghe (施正賀) said that the activity has become a platform for the promotion of local crops. They also took the opportunity to show the achievements of rural regeneration. The festival will last until Jan. 22.