Nine restaurant chains face questioning over price hikes

List includes Pizza Hut and top Taiwanese brand names

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Nine restaurant chains, including Pizza Hut, faced questioning by government officials next week over plans for price hikes possibly related to recent workweek reform, the Consumer Protection Committee announced Friday.

The government promised it would crack down on companies using the changes in the workweek for employees as an excuse to push through unfair price hikes for customers.

The CPC, a unit of the Executive Yuan, said it would spend Monday and Tuesday talking to representatives of nine companies, including Pizza Hut, bakery Mr. Mark, Formosa Chang, dumpling chain 8way, beef noodle specialist Sanshang Qiaofu 3375 and Bullfight steakhouses.

The selection was the result of visits to 30 fastfood chains, drink providers, movie theaters and places of entertainment on January 4, the CPC said. The nine companies had told the CPC they had plans to raise prices in the near future.

The food chains would send representatives to the Executive Yuan next week for separate meetings with government officials, where they would have the opportunity to explain why the price increases were necessary, the CPC said. The ministries of labor and economic affairs would be present to hear the explanations.

The introduction of new workweek regulations has led to complaints from employers, saying they would see their costs rise while service would have to be cut back because of staff shortages.

The government has warned companies not to abuse the new policy in order to make more profit at the expense of customers.