Free introductory Chinese class for new immigrants and expats

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -Taipei Public Library (TPL) and the Master’s Program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language of Chinese Culture University are collaboratively holding free introductory Chinese language classes for new immigrants and expats in Taiwan.

The Chinese language course is designed by the faculty and staff at Chinese Culture University, which allows new immigrants and expats without Chinese knowledge to develop basic understanding and command of the language.

TPL has collaborated with Chinese Culture University in offering Chinese classes over the past four years, attracting students from around the world, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, and Korea, as well as people from Europe and the US – and even Swaziland.

The introductory Chinese class for this year will take place between February 15 and April 26. Classes will be held Wednesday nights. To register, please visit the registration website or call TPL (TEL: 02-2755-2823, ext. 2900).

For more information about the class, please visit the Chinese website of TPL.