Ting Hsin International Group disbands its instant noodles brand Master Kong Taiwan

Ting Hsin International Group confirmed Monday that the board has decided to terminate its instant noodles brand Master Kong Taiwan on January 1st and completely withdraw from the Taiwan market.

Chia Hsien-de, the vice president of the group's PR department told Apple Daily that the company imported instant noodles machines in order to boost the domestic market, however, they have stopped all the operations after the Ting Hsin oil scandal broke out, which led to the decision of dissolving the company.

According to Chia, Master Kang terminated its trademark authorization to Wei-Chuan Food Corporation last October, and withdrew the production line in Taiwan, which included the subcontract product of Tzu Chi’s vegan instant noodles.

After the scandal, the public launched an "Exterminate Ting Hsin" campaign, targeting all the group’s food brands, including milk from Wei-Chuan, and the instant noodles brand Master Kong. The boycott achieved success with sales of Ting Hsin groups’ products dropping drastically.