Film producer Mika Tanaka apologizes for lying about her identity

Film producer of documentary Wansei Back Home Chen Hsuan-ju, also known by her Japanese name Mika Tanaka released a statement Sunday admitting that she lied about her identity of being Japan born Taiwanese and the descendant of Wansei.

Chairman of Yuan-Liou Publishing Wang Jung-Wen told United Daily Sunday that Tanaka came visiting and apologized over the fake identity incident, saying that the Wansei grandmother she claimed before was actually a nice lady she came across near Kaohsiung train station when she was in high school.

The statement also indicated that the nice lady surnamed Tanaka treated Mika Tanaka like her own granddaughter and provided her tuition for studying aboard in France and America.  

According to the report, when asked why faking about her identity, Mika Tanaka confessed that one lie led to another.

Mika Tanaka published the book "Wan Sheng Hui Jia" (Wanseis Back Home), which documents buried stories of some "Wanseis" during their years living in eastern Taiwan's Hualien, as well as their lives as discriminated strangers in their own country after they returned to Japan. The book was later made into documentary and received recognition at the 52th Golden Horse Film Festival.