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Taipei’s perfect spots to see yearend fireworks

Taipei’s perfect spots to see yearend fireworks

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - With 2017 being just around the corner, revelers are planning where to watch the yearend bash pyrotechnic spectacle. As Taipei 101 is expected to draw an influx of visitors, Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) invites the public to consider another alternative to watch the splendid fireworks show—riverside parks.

According to HEO, there is no place that can rival riverbanks in providing great views of the magnificent pyrotechnic displays, while the Rainbow Riverside Park on the right bank of Keelung River allows revelers to watch fireworks upwind without smoke and haze blocking the view, and Meiti Riverside Park provides the best spot for the Miramar fireworks.

For people seeking to watch both firework shows, Guanshan and Yingfeng riverside parks on the left bank of the Keelung River will be the best choices.

Updated : 2022-05-19 01:46 GMT+08:00