10 Places to Find Christmas Desserts in Taipei 2016

HungryinTaipei's top 10 list of places to find Christmas Desserts in Taipei in 2016


Taipei (Taiwan, News) -- Whether you are looking for last minute Christmas gift ideas, a special cake to take to a holiday party, or a box of confections to treat yourself, we have made it easy by making a list (and checking it twice) of our favorite bakeries and dessert shops in Taipei (and one cocktail bar!). Although it might not feel like Christmas in Taiwan, with the unusually warm winter weather, spreading Christmas cheer by giving small gifts with family and friends is one way to making it feel a little more like home. 

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1. 1789 CAFE
1789 Cafe offers over a dozen flavors of candy colored eclairs all year round, perfect for gifting in boxes of two or six, but also does a special made to order Christmas Cake with Chocolate mousse, caramel cream and yuzu confit topped with silver and gold chocolate snowman, gingerbread man and christmas tree for the holidays (NT$820/1480 with 3 days advance notice).  I always end up picking up a few extra eclairs (salted caramel, lemon and raspberry) for myself when I'm getting a box for friends. 
No. 97, Sec 2, Renai Road, (02)3322-2089


(Photo courtesy of Yellow Lemon) 

Yellow Lemon is known for its creative desserts, including the playful Yellow Art and dessert Picnic, crafted by Italian pastry chef Andrea Bonaffini. Their holiday specials include Panettone Festive Cake stacked high with layers of fresh berries and tiramisu creme, green tea montblanc trees (NT$200), fat gingerbread cookies or snowball pavlovas (NT$170).
No. 561, Mingshui Rd, Zhongshan District, Dazhi ( 02) 2533-3567


(Photo from Baguette's Facebook)


Adorable gingerbread men, rainbow colored chocolate bonbons and breads by chef Julien Perrinet fill the Grand Hyatt's dessert shop in the hotel's lobby. Just look for the giant gingerbread house that Chef Perrinet built when you are looking for the shop. Christmas log cakes, fruit cake, panettone, stollen and gingerbread houses are all available to order (NT$400-850).
No. 2, Songshou Rd, (02) 2720-1230


(Photo from Merci Creme Facebook page)


For those of you in Banqiao, check out Merci Creme which makes adorable miniature Christmas tree tarts and Baymax looking snowmen which will be sure to delight at first glance. 
No. 8, Lane 23, Hansheng E. Rd, Banqiao, 0938-819-338

(Photo courtesy of Miss Green) 



Vegan desserts don't use any dairy, milk or eggs, but it doesn't mean that vegans can't indulge in holiday sweets. Miss Green offers Xmas raw chocolate pie, using dark raw Cocoa, coconut milk and mixed nuts with a matcha fondant tree, and organic berry bowls with homemade coconut cream, fresh blueberries and cookies.(NT$170) 
Dunhua Eslite, No. 245 Dunhua S Rd, Sec. 1, B2


(Image from Florida's Website) 



If you're looking for a plate of colorful Christmas sugar cookies, then Florida Bakery is your best bet with brightly frosted cookies shaped like stockings, candy canes, reindeers and Santa. Want to decorate your own? DIY cookie kits with plain sugar cookies and bags of royal icing can also be ordered. Florida Bakery sells popular breads, cookies, biscuits and Belgian waffles, while apple, Boston cream and pumpkin pies can be ordered from their website.
No. 26, Ren Ai Rd, Sec. 4, (02) 2702-1175

(Photo from Wendel's Website)



Wendel's offers everything from almond, orange or hazelnut stollens to over twenty different kinds of cookies. If you can't decide, they have assorted packs of different sizes, as well as Gingerbread House decorating classes. 
No. 28, Lane 260, GuangFu S. Rd., (02) 2711-8919

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Escape From Paris' cherry red ornaments topped with a snowflake or realistic looking glossy green apples, filled with mousse and apple compote, look almost too pretty to eat. Many droolworthy desserts including macarons to choose from.
No. 388, Neihu Rd, Sec. 1, Neihu, (02)2627-5232


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This holiday, popular French bakery Gontran Cherrier offers strawberry and apple filled croissants, exclusive to its Taiwan shops, as well as Christmas roll cakes and French King Cake, available in early January. I love the raspberry mille feuille and spring onion croissant rolls there as well. 
No. 302, ZhongXiao E. Rd, Sec.4, (02) 2779-5002

(Photo from Guoguo Facebook page) 



​Guoguo pair matcha and strawberries together to make Christmas themed instaworthy desserts- fluffy matcha cream Christmas trees topped with a strawberry star or matcha strawberry cake slices. No. 202 RuiAn St, 0903-356-605

(Photo from Kor Taipei's Facebook)


Searching for eggnog in Taipei? If you missed the boat on the eggnog at Costco, then head over to happy hour at Kor Taipei, which offers a grown up version of eggnog, along with mulled wine, Ginger Snowman cocktail, Pumpkin pie or KORsettia berry cocktails. 
No. 201, ZhongXiao E. Rd, Sec. 4,  Da’an District