Chinese gamers kicking and screaming after EA FIFA excludes Taiwan from China map

Chinese gamers go berserk after they discover EA Sports FIFA online soccer game left Taiwan out of China map

Map of China displayed in EA Sports FIFA online soccer game (Screen capture by PTT user thepowers)

Taipei (Taiwan News) - Chinese players of the online game EA FIFA went into a fit of rage when they realized the latest version of the soccer game shows a map of China in yellow that does not include Taiwan.

A user on the online Taiwanese forum PTT, thepowers, while eavesdropping over a group of mainland Chinese playing the EA Sports online soccer game FIFA, noticed the game's moderator and followers went into a rage when they discovered the map of China did not include Taiwan. They were so agitated by the map that one of the Chinese gamers made a crude attempt at "fixing it" by turning Taiwan into what appears to be a giant yellow pixel or square.

The Taiwanese gamer then posted screen shots of the before and after maps on the Taiwanese online chat forum PTT saying,

"I just watched a broadcast of FIFA from the left bank (China) and shockingly the map of the People's Republic of China did not include Taiwan. As a result, the moderator went nuts and the gamers started a riot. Below is an image of is a map that a furious (glass hearted) gamer made to mockingly including Taiwan in yellow. EA really is a conscientious company."

The "corrected version" of the map of China with Taiwan turned yellow in the shape of a giant square posted by PTT user thepowers. 

The post naturally drew a slew of angry and sarcastic comments from Taiwanese netizens, such as "Chinese people love doing this kind of crap," "Glass hearts that just play games all day long," "To tell the truth, the map without Taiwan in it is beautiful," "What the hell am I looking at?"

Other comments included, "Wow, Taiwan just got bigger," "Just cover the whole world in yellow," "Will EA have to apologize like it did with SEGA?" On Dec. 15, EA Sports modified a line spoken by a character in it's SEGA PS4 game Yakuza 6 from "What impression do you have of the country of Taiwan?" to "What impression do you have of Taiwan?"