Northampton in clear over handling of George North injury

Northampton in clear over handling of George North injury

LONDON (AP) — English rugby authorities will not sanction Northampton following a review into an incident that saw the club's medical team clear Wales winger George North to continue playing, despite replays suggesting he lost consciousness after a head injury.

Northampton's medical staff used a Head Injury Assessment on North after he landed on his head following a tackle in the air during a match against Leicester on Dec. 3. They allowed him to return to the field but Northampton has since said doctors did not have access to full television footage of the incident.

The Concussion Management Review Group assessed the case and said Wednesday that North should not have continued playing. However, it said Northampton will not be sanctioned because "the welfare of North was always at the center of Northampton's actions" and the club followed return-to-play protocols.

North, who has suffered a series of concussions over the past two years, hasn't played since the incident.

Updated : 2021-02-26 10:23 GMT+08:00