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UEFA to review rules banning political protests by fans

UEFA to review rules banning political protests by fans

NYON, Switzerland (AP) — UEFA says it will review disciplinary rules and could allow more political protests by fans at stadiums.

European soccer's governing body wants existing rules which prohibit non-soccer statements to "evolve to reflect the nature of the society in which we live."

Noting that "freedom of expression is generally a value to be supported and cherished," UEFA says sanctions should not be imposed when "no reasonable person could object to, or be offended by, a particular message conveyed."

UEFA's statement follows Barcelona dropping a Court of Arbitration for Sport appeal against fines imposed for fans supporting Catalonian independence.

Barcelona's fines for fans' flags and chants include incidents at the 2015 Champions League final.

UEFA has declined to discipline clubs this season after fans displayed banners criticizing the Champions League as too commercial and elitist.