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Five best places in Taiwan to celebrate Christmas

Christmas is widely celebrated in Taiwan even though it is not a public holiday.

Five best places in Taiwan to celebrate Christmas

Christmas is widely celebrated in Taiwan even though it is not a public holiday. Stores would sell Christmas-related items and restaurants serve special Christmas Day set menus.

Local governments would even take responsibility to hold Christmas celebrations officially; shopping malls across the island would also put up Christmas trees and light shows to attract more customer interest.

When it comes to celebrating Christmas season in Taiwan, there are many destinations to choose from.

As Christmas is already around the corner and celebrations are brewing, check out five of the best places in Taiwan to spend the upcoming festival at, and make plans for one or more.

Taipei 101

The most-anticipated Christmas event in Taiwan this year will be at none other than the Taipei 101. The most iconic landmark in Taiwan will be celebrating the event with the famous French Strasbourg Christmas Market.

Founded in 1570, the oldest market in France will come to Taipei the first time to hold a Christmas festival featuring a wide array of delicacies and Christmas ornaments from France, bringing the most authentic European Christmas experience to downtown Taipei.

Located at the Taipei 101 dancing water square, the Christmas festival will take place from Dec 1 to Dec 25. The French-style cabins marketplace will be offering delicatessen foods, confectionery, mulled wine, beer, and crafted products.

One carousel, two giant Christmas trees, and splendid Christmas lights in the background will make the fair a truthful reflection of Strasbourg as the “Capital of Christmas.”

Five best places in Taiwan to celebrate Christmas

Xinyi Shopping District

Xinyi Shopping District takes pride in being Taipei’s newest trend-setting commercial district and one of the most Christmassy places in Taiwan during the festive season.

Home to the Taipei 101, the flagship Eslite bookstore, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi shopping malls and many others, the heaviest commercial area in Taipei holds Christmas celebrations every year to attract crowds and spur spending.

This year is no exception as many malls have already put up Christmas trees and light shows, waiting for customers to join in on the festival.

You can already see massive holiday displays with fantastic lightings spanning across the whole district. The malls will also offer holiday discounts, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Five best places in Taiwan to celebrate Christmas

Christmasland in New Taipei City

New Taipei knows how to put on a great Christmas celebration. The Christmasland features Christmas market, winter playground, Christmas concert, light shows and many more.

Located in front of New Taipei City Hall near Banqiao station, the event is now in its sixth year and has drawn big crowds over the years due to the extensive shows and performances.

From Nov 19 all the way to Jan 2, the Christmasland will be open to public for a total of 45 days, celebrating Christmas as well as New Year with anyone who wants to experience the charm of Taiwan’s largest and longest 3D projection light show.

Five best places in Taiwan to celebrate Christmas

Christmas village at CMP Block in Taichung

Taichung also has its share of fun and entertainment when it comes to Christmas celebration.

CMP Block as one of the most popular tourist sites in Taichung, will present this year a Christmas village featuring large-scale art installations, Christmas light displays, , and as many as six events, such as Christmas tree contest and free Christmas cards mailing.

The festival is open to public from Nov 18 to Dec 26.

Five best places in Taiwan to celebrate Christmas

2016 Christmas Season in Gongguan

Located between Zhongzheng and Da’an District, Gongguan is the largest student district in Taiwan and a popular leisure area in Taipei with a famed Gongguan night market.

The youthful energy imbued in the district makes Gongguan the perfect place for Christmas celebration.

Starting from Nov 26, the splendid Christmas light decorations will light up the Taipei Water Park. The giant Christmas tree along with the light show, which changes color from time to time, is simply hard to ignore.

Five best places in Taiwan to celebrate Christmas

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