Taiwanese netizens compare Melania Trump to Naruto villain Orochimaru

Taiwanese anime fans have found an uncanny resemblance between Melania Trump and Naruto villain Orochimaru

Images of Melania Trump and Orochimaru posted by bobojay1 on PTT.

Now that the dust has started to settle over Donald Trump actually becoming President of the United States, netizens have turned their attention to the next First Lady Melania Trump, and in addition to heated discussions about her nude photos from GQ and other magazines, Taiwanese netizens believe that she bears an uncanny resemblance the snakelike anime villain Orochimaru. 

Orochimaru (大蛇丸), or literally "big snake pill," is the primary antagonist in the Japanese anime series Naruto. He is a rogue ninja that has the power to summon snakes, possess bodies, and he has been able to incorporate some snakelike features such as a Gene Simmons-esque tongue. 

On the Taiwanese online forum PTT, user bobojay1 (Chuck) started the discussion by posting "Have you heard about the First Lady Melia Trump actually being Orochimaru?" in the subject line. He goes on to say:

"Trump has become president and Trump's wife has become first lady. Everybody says Trump's wife is hot, shot photos and videos, so I decided to investigate further.  Whether she is hot or not is not the main question, with every photo I look at I feel like something is amiss. "

His post was then followed by several photos of the new first lady with various facial expressions matched with strikingly similar facial expressions made by the anime character. 


In reaction to the photographic comparison, forum members went bonkers, "You win," "F**k, she really looks like him,"Hurry up and tell Obama! It's still not too late," "Crap, it turns out he reincarnated, Trump run for your life," "It's true, Orochimaru has been reincarnated to take over the U.S.," and "It turns out that Trump is Yondaime Kazekage (another ninja character killed off by Orochimaru)."

She was also compared to another famous snake, "White Snake reincarnated!" Madame White snake is a Chinese legend about a white snake spirit who disguises herself as a woman and seduces the handsome scholar Hsu Hsien (許仙).

However, one person begged to differ, "no way, she looks like Landy Wen." Landy Wen is a Taiwanese singer and actress of Atayal indigenous Taiwanese ancestry. 

Another netizen expressed concern for the poster's safety saying, "You poor thing, you're not going to be able to go to the U. S. after this.  The FBI is coming, run for your life!"