Latest polls show Taiwanese divided on gay marriage

46.3 percent support the legalization of same-sex marriage, while 45.4 percent opposed it。

(CNA photo)

According to the latest poll conducted by the Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation, 46.3 percent support the legalization of same-sex marriage, while 45.4 percent opposed it, reflecting a starkly divided public opinion on this subject.

The poll shows that 64 percent of the survey respondents under age 40 support same-sex marriage legalization, while over 50 percent of the respondents aged over 40 expressed opposition to the subject.

You Ying-long, chairman of the Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation, said that the highly divided poll results show that the society has “zero consensus” on the issue and is not yet ready for such change.

Meanwhile, according to a similar poll released by the opposition party Kuomintang, 51.7 percent said they agree with revising the marriage laws to recognize same-sex couples, whereas 43.3 percent said the opposite.

Asked specifically about the means to legalize same-sex marriage, 53.3 percent said they support passage of a specific act, and 32.2 percent said they support a revision of the civil code, according to the Central News Agency.

The issue of same-sex marriage once again heated up in Taiwan as two draft amendments aimed at legalizing same-sex marriage passed their first reading on November 8, the second time such bills had been reviewed at the parliamentary level since 2013.

On Monday, over 10,000 activists gathered near the Legislative Yuan in Taipei while the legislative body was holding a public hearing on the marriage equality bill inside the building. Supporters of marriage equality were seen holding placards bearing messages like “Human Rights Can't Be Reduced,” and yelling chants such as "We Want True Equal Rights."