CAL to take over TransAsia routes

Change to start on December 1

Staff protest against TransAsia dissolution.

Staff protest against TransAsia dissolution. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – China Airlines will take over the operation of all but one route from moribund TransAsia Airways beginning December 1, the government announced Wednesday.

In a shock statement, TransAsia management said Tuesday it was dissolving the 65-year-old troubled airline, catching staff, travel agencies, passengers, creditor banks and the government by surprise.

At a meeting Wednesday afternoon, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications decided that CAL, the nation’s largest carrier, would take over both international and domestic routes from TransAsia starting December 1. The only exception was the route between Penghu and the island of Kinmen, which could not be plied by modern jet aircraft because of the short distance, reports said. A solution for that problem would be looked at, according to the Cabinet.

CAL said the transfer of the routes would not pose any problems. Earlier in the day, both CAL and its main competitor, EVA Airways, said they were interested in recruiting pilots from TransAsia, though they did not provide any details about the numbers they were looking for.

Passengers who had booked flights between now and December 1 would receive assistance to find alternatives either on other flights or on railway services, the government said.