More than half dissatisfied with President Tsai: poll

Majority still have faith in Tsai

(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – More than half the public are dissatisfied with the performance of President Tsai Ing-wen and Premier Lin Chuan, according to an opinion poll published by the Taiwan Style Foundation Tuesday.

Since being sworn in last May 20, president and premier have seen their support levels slip, though Tsai is still trusted by more than half the poll respondents.

Half a year after she took office, 43.8 percent of survey respondents were satisfied with Tsai, but 51.1 percent were not, making this the president’s worst performance rating so far. Earlier Taiwan Style Foundation polls gave Tsai support levels from 62 percent to just below 50 percent before picking up again, but the new survey showed a new low.

As in other polls, Premier Lin did worse than Tsai, with 34.4 percent approving of his performance but 50.9 percent not.

Asked whether they had faith in Tsai, 54.4 percent gave an affirmative reply, while 40.9 percent supplied a negative answer. For Lin, the figures were almost level, with 43.9 percent expressing faith in the premier and 44.8 percent saying the opposite. Nevertheless, only 27.5 percent said Lin should resign, a move demanded by some senior supporters of Tsai’s Democratic Progressive Party.

Comparing the behavior of the two major parties, the DPP came out first with 39.2 percent, with the main opposition Kuomintang being preferred by 29.7 percent of poll respondents, the Taiwan Style Foundation said.

The survey was conducted from November 16 through 18 and received 905 valid responses with a margin of error at 3.26 percent, according to the foundation.