Experience the charms of flora in Taoyuan Flower Festival


The second annual Taoyuan Flower Festival opened last Saturday and has attracted a big flow of visitors with the opening of the first and second floral areas.

There are five floral exhibition districts; each of them showcased different themes with different periods of exhibiting time starting from Nov. 12 to Dec. 4, bringing visitors different experience from various floral areas.

Luzhu and Dayuan Districts had its opening Sunday and will exhibit for one week until Nov. 27, while Luzhu District took on a literary and cultural vibe, Dayuan District draped itself in a rustic mantle.

For the 2016 Flower Festival, the city government has invited artists who have participated in the previous Land Art Festival to design large installation art and build community themes.

Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan said that the festival is expected to welcome some 500,000 visitors this year and the city government will continue to organize the Flower Festival and make it as a key feature of Taoyuan.