Taipei to promote Muslim friendly environment


The Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) invited an inspection tour group of 200 Indonesian dignitaries from the travel industry and media outlets to a dinner banquet Tuesday in a bid to tap into Indonesian and Muslim tourism market.

The itinerary for their eight-day-long sojourn in Taiwan from November 9 through 16 includes trips to Taoyuan, Tainan, Chiayi, Kaohsiung, and Taipei.

According to TPEDOIT Commissioner Chien Yu-yen, after Taiwan loosened visa restrictions for Indonesia this September, the island has seen a 17.88% year-on-year rise the same month in tourists arriving from the South Asian country. Statistics also suggests that only 18% of Indonesian visitors come to Taiwan for travel purposes, indicating there is still room for growth.

To underscore Taipei’s effort in creating a Muslim-friendly environment, Chien noted that there are 41 Halal restaurants and hotels in the city; Muslim prayer rooms and related facilities at Taipei Railway Station, City Hall, and other places; as well as “pork free” and “nonalcoholic” signs across 32 night markets.

The group has visited 1914 Huashan Creative Park, Ximending, Xinyi Commercial District, Taipei 101, and Taipei Discovery Center, and was impressed at the city’s convenient transportation, hospitality, and good social order.