Taiwanese react on social media to Trump's win

Viral cartoons and memes created by Taiwanese netizens in response to Donald Trump's presidential election victory

Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump, and Rodrigo Duterte cast as evil characters from Jing Yong's Wuxia novels. (By Agencies)

Like much of the rest of the world, Taiwanese netizens are in a state of shock after Donald Trump's stunning victory in the U.S. presidential election. Many expressed their astonishment and frustration by creating sarcastic cartoons and memes, the following are but a few examples that have surfaced on social media over the past 24 hours since Trump's election win. 

Satirical blogger and cartoonist Nagee posted on Facebook a mock comparison of Donald Trump's proposed wall and the Great Wall of China. A cartoon caricature of China's leader Xi Jinping appears at the top saying, "Our Chinese sons and daughters have the world's largest and most magnificent Great Wall. While the frame below depicts a monstrously bigger Donald Trump laying bricks on a vastly larger wall painted like the American flag saying, "Not anymore."

Xi Jinping proudly standing over the Great Wall of China while Donald Trump appears from behind with a much larger American wall


Facebook blogger 波蘿日報 POLONEWS posted a collage of photos of totalitarian leaders of the world assigned to the cardinal directions with Donald Trump added to the image. Captions reading "Jong-un of the North, Putin of the East, Duterte of the South, Trump of the West, and Jinping of the Center" are placed under photos of Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, Rodrigo Duterte, Donald Trump, and Xi Jinping, respectively. The names are meant to emulate the Five Great Masters from famous Wuxia writer Jing Yong's novels.  Xi is compared to 中神通, the most skilled of all the warriors, and Trump is compared to 西毒, the most evil of the lot. 

Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump, and Rodrigo Duterte cast as evil characters from Jing Yong's Wuxia novels


PTT user Kirade posted this dated photo of Ma Ying-Jeou delivering his notorious "handshake of death" (死亡之握) to Hilary Clinton. While in office, Ma Ying-Jeou had been mocked on the Internet with memes showing people shaking hands with him and later suffering various misfortunes.  

Kirade then goes on to say, "In fact, the US presidential election was decided long ago, you don't need a TV host to announce it. As early as 2009, this election has been a foregone conclusion. Congratulations to Trump as the 45th President of the United States."

Ma Ying-jeou shaking hands with Hilary Clinton


Facebook user Yu Chao-lin (游兆霖) foolishly proclaimed in advance that if Trump won he would eat his own excrement. Unfortunately for Mr. Yu, the outcome was not in his favor, so true to his word, he defecated and ate his own stool on Facebook Live to the horror and disgust of netizens. His grotesque stunt gained him 28,000 likes. 

Taiwanese man eating his own excrement after Donald Trump wins presidential election.

PTT user zanahoriaz posted this meme from the popular Qing Dynasty TV drama Emperor's Palace to mock the change that Trump is promising to bring. The caption reads, "I'm just afraid that this palace will have a big change." The Mandarin pronunciation of "big change" in the wrong context can sound like the word for excrement. 

Still from popular Chinese TV drama Emperor's Palace