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Military training instructor accused of pimping out female students

Military training instructor accused of pimping out female students

A female military training instructor of a senior high school in Taoyuan City was accused of pimping out female students in the school.

The instructor has been removed from her teaching position at the school while an investigation is being conducted.

According to prosecutors' investigation, the instructor was accused by parents of students on Oct. 28 of taking three high school seniors out to attend social gatherings and even selling the virginity of one of the students for NT$100,000.

A parent of the student whose virginity was being offered for sale found text messages regarding the deal, questioned her about the matter, and learned that the instructor was suspected of pimping out girls in exchange for a commission, media reports said.

The man who bought the girl’s virginity found that the girl was still underage at a motel and cancelled the sex deal, according to the reports. The parent has reportedly filed charges against the instructor and even asked for an indemnity of NT$1 million.

The parent of the girl reportedly said the instructor at first denied pimping while filing a police report at a police station, but later admitted to brokering improper deals and asked for mercy for fear of losing her pension if it became public.

After receiving the parent’s complaint, the school notified authorities immediately and has kept a low profile.

Colleagues of the instructor were reportedly in disbelief over the pimping and sex deal as they said she acted normally at school and was popular among students. However, they didn’t want to comment on the case while it was under investigation.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said it is cooperating with investigators to unearth details such as when the instructor took the girls out for social gatherings and how many times.

Currently the instructor has been removed from her post while the investigation is underway. She might face dismissal, the MOE said.