Kindergarten teacher causes stir as Starbucks siren on Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween a kindergarten teacher dresses as the Starbucks siren, inspiring netizens and frightening her students


爆料公社 (Taiwan News photo)

A 24-year-old kindergarten teacher in Taiwan's northern city of Jhubei City in Hsinchu County drew a lot of attention on social media and struck fear in the hearts of her students for her creepy Halloween version of the Starbucks siren.

A friend of the teacher posted photos of her getup on the popular Taiwanese Facebook group 爆料公社 (Breaking News Commune) wearing a white dress, green headdress, and green and white makeup to imitate the siren featured in the center of the coffee corporation's iconic logo. Images of her striking poses as the sultry siren, sipping Starbucks coffee, and terrifying her young students garnered over 21,000 likes on the post.


In one photo, she is joined by a foreigner dressed as a salmon-flavored Japanese rice ball, which is a popular snack widely sold in convenience stores in Taiwan.


Many Taiwanese netizens found her look frightening and commented that her costume resembled the pair of Chinese gods of death - 7th Lord and 8th Lord (七爺八爺). One photo in particular shows a student crawl away in fear as she creeps up from behind.