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Sustainable tourism seminar seeks to transform tourism in Taiwan

Sustainable tourism seminar seeks to transform tourism in Taiwan

A seminar held by the Institute of Transportation and Communications on Tuesday sought solutions for sustainable tourism, with the Industry-Academic-Government Alliance sharing their experiences and views for the development and future of tourism in Taiwan.

Long a key issue lacking consensus, the development of tourism in Taiwan seeks to capitalize on the island's rich ecosystem and unique natural landscape, as well as its history and culture. Even with this high potential, the balance between economic development and environmental protection has proved elusive.

At the seminar, Transportation and Communications Minister Ho Chen-tan said at that sustainable tourism would remain forever an unachievable ideal if no steps are taken. By minimizing the impact of economic development at scenic areas and enhancing the quality of services, the industry may achieve sustainability in environmental protection, economic development, and societal improvement.

Tourism Bureau director-general Chou Yung-Hui assured that his administration will reinforce the hotel evaluation system, develop accessible infrastructure for physically disabled tourists, and encourage tourism for the senior and retiree market. Chou also encouraged colleges and universities to offer more Southeastern Asian language courses to cultivate more Southeastern Asian tour guides.

Updated : 2021-10-18 14:44 GMT+08:00