Former lawmaker goes to jail after raping a Filipina 12 years ago

Former lawmaker Elmer Feng was sent to a jail on Wednesday morning to begin serving his sentence of three years and four months for raping a Filipina 12 years ago.

In 2004, a Filipino caregiver accused Feng of raping her when she just finished bathing and was wrapped in a bath towel.

During the litigation, the Filipina settled with Feng for a payout of NT$800,000 and went back to the Philippines.

The criminal proceeding of the case lasted for 12 years and went through numerous appeals and retrials. Finally the Supreme Court on Oct. 7 upheld Taiwan High Court’s ruling that sentenced the former lawmaker to three years and four months for rape.

After the Supreme Court’s ruling, Shi-Lin District Prosecutors Office launched a mechanism to prevent Feng from escaping. The prosecutors’ office also ordered him to report to the office's enforcement section on Oct. 12 to begin serving the sentence.

However, the prosecutors’ office said it received a fax from Feng on Oct. 11, requesting for delay of serving the sentence on the grounds of “severe illness.” The prosecutors’ office decided to temporarily suspend the enforcement while ascertaining whether his claim was true or not.

On Wednesday, the prosecutors’ office said that Feng had checked in at the enforcement section in the morning and was sent to the Taipei Prison in a prison van to begin serving the sentence.