A 101-year-old man finishes a 9K run

A 101-year-old runner finished a 9K run in a road race in Hsinchu County on Sunday, becoming the highlight of the event.

Kuo Ting-hu from Taoyuan has participated in the Far Eastern New Century Classic Marathon event every year for eight years and finished running every time. His son Kuo Sen said his father gets up at 4 a.m. every morning to go out running no matter what the weather is like all year round.

About 10 years ago, Kuo Sen began to run with his father in same events after he realized how much his father likes running.

Kuo Sen said his father placed fifth in his age group in the first event they entered together. After that the father and son have entered road races all over Taiwan, and they routinely participated in 30 events a year, winning trophies of various sizes and shapes which now decorate their homes.

Douglas Hsu, chairman of the Far Eastern Group and sponsor of the marathon, was excited to see the centenarian cross the finish line in high spirits and gave him a special award for being still strong at an old age, saying he is the best example of running to stay healthy.

The event was divided into three groups: 42-km, 23-km and 9-km. The course took runners along country roads in Xinpu, Guanxi and neighboring townships, dotted with traditional Hakka temples, old houses and factories producing local delicacies.

The event had 7,800 participants from 21 countries, according to the organizer.