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Typhoon Haima to affect Taiwan Oct. 20

The periphery of Typhoon Haima is expected to impact Taiwan and Luzon, the Philippines Oct. 20

Typhoon Haima to affect Taiwan Oct. 20

Weather expert Wu Der-rong said on Monday that Typhoon Haima is continuing to strengthen and based on current projections, the periphery of typhoon is expected to come into contact with Taitung, Hualian and Pingtung on October 20 or 21, bringing heavy rain to those cities. Yilan as well as mountainous areas in the north and south will see brief showers.

Typhoon Haima, the 22nd typhoon of the year, as of 8 a.m. Monday was 2,130 km southeast of Eluanbi, and was moving west-northwest at 25 kilometers per hour, with maximum sustained winds of 144 kph and gusts of up to 180 kph, according to the Central Weather Bureau. Haima may begin to impact the Philippine island of Luzon, or Taiwan late on Wednesday, Oct. 19 or 20, possibly as a super typhoon, before eventually making landfall in Guangdong, China.

Wu believes that due to high ocean temperatures and low vertical wind shear, the storm will continue to strengthen and will be close to Luzon island before reaching its greatest intensity. At which time it will at least become a strong typhoon if not a super typhoon.

Wu said, at its present path, he estimates it will gradually approach Luzon and Eastern and Northern Taiwan by Oct. 19, bringing gradually increasing rains. On Oct. 20 or 21 its peripheral circulation current will likely bring heavy rains to Taitung, Hualien and Pingtung, while mountainous areas of Yilan and the South and North will also have brief showers.

The typhoon may veer further north and grow in strength to threaten Taiwan directly. In addition, the proximity of the storm, the time period it arrives and its intensity are all key factors that will affect weather conditions in Taiwan and must be closely monitored, according to Wu.

As for Typhoon Sarika, as it is positioned much further south, Taiwan will only be slightly affected with an increased chance of isolated showers on the eastern half of Taiwan.

Weather throughout Taiwan today will be cloudy to sunny, due to peripheral airflow from Typhoon Haima, the western half of the island will be hot with the weather bureau predicting highs of about 32 to 34 degrees, while highs of 29 to 30 degrees will be seen in the eastern half.

Updated : 2021-08-02 13:55 GMT+08:00